Slot 7Up Rating and reviews


Instant Win Games has introduced a new scratch card style slot machine called 7Up Slot. The game takes its cue from classic fruit machines and may be played for free or real cash.

The slot machine has a sophisticated air because to its dark theme and neon accents. With 7 rows or lines and three panels on each payline, 7Up Slot is an intriguing new way to play scratch games online.

The slot-game machine appears and feelings brought about by the usage of play lines. Unlike slot machines, the reels do not spin. The rolling reel function has been replaced by a left-to-right scrolling black and white screen with the sound of a lost signal.

In this scratch-slot game, players have to scratch off the boxes for a possibility of receiving a possible prize or a progressive jackpot. The gold bars along each row each contain an arbitrary prize.  The winnings from each spin are clearly shown once the game is over, as are any additional payouts for other active paylines.

In order to win immediate cash rewards on any of the play lines in the 7Up casino slot, the player must match three similar symbols. In all likelihood, you will find a matching symbol.

The modern sound effects and brightly colored icons in 7Up Slots evoke the excitement of the nightlife. Pairs of fruits (cherries, grapes, lemons, pineapple, sliced oranges, melon), bar signs, lucky sevens, gold bells, a golden star, and four-leaf clovers are just some of the classic symbols seen on fruit machines.


Changing your bet is an essential part of getting ready to play the 7Up Slot machine online. You accomplish this by deciding how many lines to play and how much to wager on each line. The game features a maximum stake of 700 EURO down to a minimum of 0.02 EURO.

The game’s settings may be adjusted via the panel in the top right corner.

Use the (-) and (+) buttons next to the “LINES” text box to adjust the betting line total.

The bet may be adjusted from €0.02 up to €100 using the (-) and (+) buttons located on each side of the “PER LINE” information box.

By rapidly cycling through all symbols at once, the toggle button speeds up the gameplay.

After choosing your bet size, hit the “PLAY” button to begin.

A total win amount is awarded by adding the amounts won on each individual line. The game’s jackpots range from a few hundred to several hundred thousand Euros every symbol matched.

The Power of Seven

The screen where you may adjust the volume and the payouts can be accessed by clicking the hamburger button. Clicking the “Info” button at the new game’s bottom will bring up a screen with game rules, symbol meanings, and pattern examples. The payout table offers the greatest recommendations, which you may use in constructing your winning strategy or hacks from this slot.

Players have the option of wagering on one, two, three, four, five, six, or seven of the game’s pay lines at simultaneously, with prizes worth up to 10,000 times the initial wager for a full house.

The sevens symbols have the largest reward potential, a multiplier of 10,000X. Following the seven is the bar symbol, which awards a 1000X stake multiplier. The other symbols (bell, clover, horseshoe, grape, pineapple, banana, lemon, and cherry) provide up to a 200X stake multiplier. The payouts are lowest for the fruit images.

In this game, you may choose whether to risk losing your bonus or take the victory outright. The Gamble option becomes available whenever you click the “Take Risk” button. The players get to risk their winnings in the hopes of doubling them in this round.

Full reels of bar symbols activate the bonus round. This round of the slot contains a wheel similar to the “Wheel of Fortune.”  In this round, you might win a multiplier of up to x7 or one of the game’s symbols. If you receive a multiplier award, this effect will be terminated. The sum you receive is the sum of your bonus winnings multiplied by the multiplier.


Playing the 7Up Slot is easy and fun. When you have a winning combination, the animations and music effect will start playing. Any of the online casinos offering Instant Win Games will have 7Up Slot available for real money play.

The game may be played on any computer or mobile device. Players who have an interest in conventional scratch games may always try their hand at the 7Up Slot free version. The game has a theoretical return to player percentage (RTP) of 92.09%.

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