Slot Overview: Banana Town’s Dream Drop

Guys and gals, these Dream Drop slot machines are like an invading species that’s wiping out the local fauna by reproducing at an unsustainable rate. They are selling out of stores with alarming regularity. Banana Town Dream Drop is a reimagining of the classic monkey slot first developed by Relax Gaming and released in the early 2000s. Bananas and gangster primates, two staples of the original slot that required a suspension of disbelief, are making a comeback. An excellent progressive jackpot system is now being hammered on.

Banana Town Dream Drop is very faithful to the source material for a remake, remaining nearly identical but for a few tweaks to the jackpot system. You might easily mistake the two games if you didn’t know that the jackpot meter was there. A large boss type is smoking a cigar on the balcony as the players begin their bananas adventure on the street below the building. The gents appear to be in high spirits, suggesting that banana exports and imports are booming. Free spins can be triggered and the game can be zoomed in, but the overall feel is hardcore block graphical and vintage, much like Relax Gaming’s other titles like as Hellcatraz and Hellcatraz 2: Dream Drop.

There are some familiar elements and some new twists to this version. However, if you go with the DD version, your return on investment will be lower at 94% instead of the non-DD version’s 96.12%. Banana Town Dream Drop is a mobile, tablet, and desktop slot game that has a high variance and a rating of 5/5. It’s funny to think that these kinds of games were commonplace so many years ago when broad mobile use was just a fantasy. The jackpot odds increase with the size of your wager, which may be anywhere from 20 pence each spin up to £/€100.

Banana Town Dream Drop is a six-column, five-row video slot machine with a scatter pays payout structure. A payment is issued when at least 8 identical symbols appear anywhere on the board. Payouts for 8-of-a-kind range from 0.5 to 2 times the wager, while payouts for 12 or more of a kind range from 2 to 12 times the wager. Blue, green, red, and yellow bananas serve as the game’s lows, while a total of five different monkey characters serve as the game’s highs. At no point do players employ the game’s wild symbols. A cascading winnings feature, however, substitutes winning symbols with symbols falling down from above after a win.

Slot Features: Banana Town’s Dream Drop

Banana Town Dream Drop comes with the Dream Drop Bonus, free spins, and the ability to increase your Multiplier.

Upgrade to the Multiplier

In Banana Town Dream Drop, the multipliers for the various kinds of pay symbols are all different. All victories involving that specific symbol type will be multiplied by the indicated amount. Each successive victory of the same symbol results in a doubling of the initial multiplier. In addition, at the beginning of each new spin, a certain number of symbols may receive enhancements at random. A multiplier cannot be greater than x64.

No Risk Turns

Getting three scatters triggers eight free games, with an additional free game added for each subsequent scatter. The multiplier level you had in the main game will be carried over to the free spins round, and any upgrades you received will remain in effect until the feature ends. If a bonus symbol appears during a free spin, you will receive an extra free spin. Last but not least, in the non-DD version, players who don’t want to wait for the bonus to drop naturally may purchase it for 100 times the bet.

Bonus Dream-Drop

Before each spin, the Dream Drop Bonus may or may not activate. When it happens, 15 boxes will pop up, and the player may click on each one in turn to see whether any of them contain a jackpot. If you reveal three of the same jackpot, you win that amount. To give you an idea, the minimum amounts for the Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, and Mega are 1, 5, 100, 25,000, and 500,000 euros.

Slot Review: Banana Town’s Dream Machine

Fans of classic video games and jackpots should be feeling quite lucky right about now, thanks to all the digital pixels Relax Gaming has been tossing around as of this writing. There’s been a Banana Town Dream Drop and a Hellcatraz 2 Dream Drop. If you enjoy classic video games and are always on the lookout for the next big prize, you are in luck. The flavor may take some getting used to. Some people may find this to be too dated, especially if they grew up playing blocky games that required some (or a lot of) creativity. Banana Town Dream Drop is a great way to relive your childhood if you were around when Pac-Man gobbled up ghosts, Mario jumped over barrels in Donkey Kong, or Zelda bounced about.

You should also give it a try if the prospect of winning one of the industry’s biggest jackpots seems appealing. The goal of Dream Drop is to reach €10,000,000, at which point it will stay permanently. Obviously, not everyone will win the Mega Jackpot; in fact, not many people will win any lottery. The good news is that while they wait for their chance at the jackpot, players of Banana Town Dream Drop won’t be bored. While it’s true that Pragmatic Play has a stranglehold on the scatter win genre, having competition is always welcome. Each of the standard pay symbols in Banana Town Dream Drop is linked to a basic but occasionally successful multiplier upgrade feature. These can be used to cash out winnings up to ten thousand times the initial wager.

Unless the lower RTP value is a deal breaker (there is always the non-DD version to consider as well), Banana Town Dream Drop seems like the better alternative, given it shares the same number as the original Banana Town slot. At least, it will be for those who are eager to try their luck at a large jackpot slot machine, and if they can do it in a setting reminiscent of the first days of video games, all the better.

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