Elvis Multi Strike Online Slot Rating and reviews

Elvis Multi Strike is a hugely popular online and mobile compatible slot machine from IGT that features the King of Rock and Roll strutting his stuff over a one-of-a-kind 60-payline game. Forget A Little More Action, because Elvis Multi Strike has lots more action on the reels than A Little More Action did.

When you load up this game on a desktop PC, an Android or iOS mobile device, you will be greeted by the sight of 3 sets of reels, one on top of the other, packed full of Elvis memorabilia and surrounded by photos of the man himself. This game is available for desktop PCs, Android and iOS mobile devices.

You don’t have to be an Elvis fan in order to enjoy all of the exciting gameplay that Multi Strike has to offer, so put on your blue suede shoes and try out the game at one of the world’s greatest online casinos that carries the collection from IGT. Some of the unique features include win multipliers that are accessible when you play all sets of reels, free respins, and a fun game that pays rewards dependant on how loud fans are yelling. Other special features include these things as well.

Because the minimum bet each spin is just one dollar and the maximum bet per spin may exceed three hundred dollars, this game is accessible to almost any bankroll size. It is possible to win a maximum cash jackpot of 40,000.00, but we believe that inexperienced slot players would be better off attempting a simpler Elvis-themed game, such as Elvis the King, since the features in this game may be rather difficult to understand and get the hang of.

Read on to learn how they operate, or get some practice in with the no-risk version, before you start betting real money.

Controls and Setup for the Elvis Multi Strike Slot Although IGT slots are well-known for their user-friendliness, setting up the Elvis Multi Strike slot machine is a bit more complicated than usual since there are three separate levels of betting. At the first level, you will only be playing the bottom 5-reel set, which has a total of 20 paylines. At the second level, the middle reels will also become active, and at the third and highest level, all three sets will be active, for a grand total of 60 paylines.

It does need some planning, but the vast majority of gamblers will want to play all of the lines that are available, which, as we will see in the next section, is basically the main idea of the Multi Strike function anyway.

The amount of money that may be wagered on each line can be changed quite easily, and the available possibilities range from 0.05 to 0.50. Other choices include enabling the Auto feature, which will allow the reels to spin on their own without the need to press a button each time, as well as the ability to silence the music or listen to certain Elvis Presley songs as you play the game. It looks and sounds fantastic on personal computers, as well as Apple and Android smartphones.

The paytable is an extremely helpful guide that not only explains how the extras, including the one-of-a-kind round with the screaming fans, are played but also specifies the value of each winning combination of symbols. To access it, you will need to click the button located above the reels.

The gameplay and other features of Elvis Multi Strike

Across any active paylines, basic winning lines are produced by matching symbols from left to right across the board. These symbols consist of the letters E L V I and S, a Cadillac, microphone, guitar, and teddy bear. The most precious of these symbols is a teddy bear depicting Elvis in a variety of stances.

Assuming that you have all 60 lines engaged, which is something that we strongly advise you to do, the lower set of reels will always spin first whenever you spin the reels, and it will pay out any normal winnings that occur if it does so. After a victory, the second set of reels will begin to spin, and the value of any winnings obtained from these reels will be multiplied by two.

If you were successful in forming any winning combinations on the second set of reels, you will trigger the top set of reels to spin, and the value of any reward you win on these reels will be multiplied by four. This Multi Strike is a wonderful feature, and despite the fact that it may seem hard, you will get the hang of it pretty quickly once you put it into practice, so there is no need to be intimidated by it in any way.

However, it is not the only unique feature, since the fan bonus starts once the Fan-o-Meter sign appears in three or more locations across an active line. You get to choose from five of Elvis’s TVs to play a song, and you win rewards if fans shout for a sufficient amount of time, so we can only hope that you choose a well-known Elvis track. You are allowed to continue selecting televisions and submitting claims for further cash if the cries are loud enough.

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